With time ebbing away at a rapid rate on knots it was time for some roving reporting.

I headed to the Leftfield Collection with 2 games in mind, Her Story by Sam Barlow and Taphobos by James Brown.

Why these 2 games in particular? From the creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle, Her Story is a crime fiction game featuring live action video. Taphobos is described as an immersive coffin experience and that’s all I need to say about that, you can certainly understand why these caught my attention.

Her Story Artwork

Before we hear from Sam, lets take more of a look a Her Story which will be available on PC, Mac and iOS.

In 1994 a British woman is interviewed 7 times about her missing Husband.Featuring actress and actress and one half of the band Joe Gideon and the Shark Viva Seifert, Her Story revolves around a police database of live action footage.

Players take control of the Police terminal to access the database and by searching for keywords can you uncover Her story.
HER STORY screenshot 1
HER STORY screenshot 2 (2)
HER STORY screenshot 3Moving on we all want to hear what the man himself Mr Sam Barlow had to say. Thank you Sam for talking to My Games Lounge and it was a pleasure meeting you. Listen to the interview below.

Sam Barlow Shot
Sam Barlow

Stay updated with Her Story by visiting the website here and we shall of course keep you updated on MGL.

Tophobos Title screen

Taphobos coming from the Greek tomb “taphos” and fear “phobos” was  created by James, Ida Marie Toft, Mike Kalyn, Andreas Taske and Linda McConnon at a 2 day hackathon at Nottingham University. The potential of the game and its subsequent feedback led James to use it for for his Masters degree in Computer Science and focuses on uncomfortable gaming experiences.

One player enters the coffin with an Oculus Rift headset, the other at  a PC again with mic + headset, this player will play a first person game where they must work with the buried player to uncover where the coffin is. The aim of the game is to rescue the trapped player before their oxygen runs out and this is done by taking clues from the player inside the coffin.
Inside coffin
screennew3slide-720x400Would you climb into the coffin?

It was great to speak to James and we had a fascinating conversation which you can listen to below, unfortunately the coffin hadn’t arrived, so I didnt get the chance to climb in, I look forward to that uncomfortable experience in the future.

All the best with your masters degree James and thanks for talking to MGL.

To follow James’ progress visit Taphobos here.

We had a fantastic time at EGX Rezzed and met some great people throughout the day. You can find all of My Games Lounge articles and interviews from EGX Rezzed below.

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    • Cheers mate, wanted to do 2 different ones, one with the buzz of EGX the other the quiet one. really great talking to them both. Sams interview was funny as it actually started with me asking him where the dev was.

      Ill get better though less arggggg I see haha. great fun though wish I could have got in the coffin. how about getting your goodself to an EGX buddy 🙂


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