As confirmed right here on My Games Lounge this Morning, team Junkfish are working away at updating Monstrum to it’s final state and full build. With the game launching in full we had a chat to them about the game and, since we are old friends with them, they have given us an awesome interview below AND some steam codes to give away!

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You did it guys! The game is finally here, how great does it feel to have the game released in full now?

It’s a big relief if nothing else! Kinda strange that we were all plotting this out 2 years ago in uni and now we’re actually here with a game under our belt!

You’ve been in Early Access for a while now just how valuable has this been with the feedback from people playing the game?

It’s been really good. Lots of bug related stuff that we couldn’t have found like how the game runs on different set ups has been super useful, and seeing how people react to the monsters and new elements has been nice to watch unfold.

For those who haven’t had a go at Monstrum yet what should they expect from the game and what will they love about it?

Hopefully to be scared witless! We really think we’ve made a horror game that can always catch you out and never in the same way, so if you’re a horror fan then jump right in!

For those who’ve played it already, what’s new in this big update?

The 3rd monster has been added in, and a few more bug fixes and asset updates. Basically it’s the whole game in now!

Gamers have been playing this all over the world at convention, including us, what is the best reaction you’ve seen in people when they see that monster coming for them?

We’ve had a few people just stop when nothing’s happening and get up in sweats, so that’s usually a good sign! Quite a few people screaming when something happens as well ha-ha! The Oculus has been pretty good at getting people right into the flow of things.

As a team of Indie Developers receiving some top reviews from gamers who’ve played this awesome game, how does that make you all feel to see such positive reactions?

Good! It’s still a bit unbelievable, and we have a wee bit of bias and fatigue that comes along with knowing the entire ins and outs of the game, so knowing that people are running around enjoying themselves is really great to see. Same with all the playthroughs and fan-art that we’ve seen too.

The Oculus Rift support has been the talking point at EGX Rezzed while we were there, how is that coming along for the future?

We’re hoping to have that sorted out along with the Mac and Linux builds. It’s a few weeks away, but it’s coming!

Best of luck with the launch, as with everyone we want to know the answer to a rather serious question: If you could be ANY gamer character EVER, who would you be and why?

I have no idea ha ha! I’d like to maybe visit different worlds rather than be specific characters, I think that’d be more interesting. Though is suppose in order to get anything done in some of them it’d require being the main character too, wouldn’t like to run around normally in some of the places Samus or Link ends up in ha ha!

Thanks Jamie! We hope you enjoyed the interview gamers, make sure you share this article for your chance to win a copy of the game!

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