One of the best games to be revealed At E3 This Year was the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawna new IP from Guerrilla Games. This week they revealed that the game would be an open world experience and a Fully Fledged RPG.

Rossco and Neal really were impressed by the game at E3, check out some of their thoughts below.

Rossco’s Thoughts

When you watch a show like E3 and a press event from PlayStation, who are known for big first party games, you can be forgiven for expecting something to wow you. But with such big expectation, it makes it very hard for something to really surprise you and adds pressure you wonder if they will live up to.

But Horizon Zero Dawn really made me just stop and watch in awe as the visually stunning video stopped, and that lead character started moving.


The fact Guerrilla Games were on stage put me in a mindset. Not so far to say my expectations were low, but they were expecting some new First Person Shooter in the mould of Killzone to arrive.

To then see an epic world, one where nature and tribes have taken the Earth back following modern life being destroyed was rather epic. I loved the setting, the presentation and the potential of the story and it’s part, present and future.

The ingredients were spot on including a cool female lead that involved some classic bow and arrow action! Everything in the video looked great and I was really impressed… Then, they caught me out big time!

The Last of Us did it, Bioshock did it and back in the day Ico did it. That moment where you realise it’s not a movie sequence any more, it’s gameplay and you’re in control… even though it looks like you shouldn’t be.

I love it when games do that! Obviously in this case, I have not have been hands on with the game, but when Aloy moved in the video and the gameplay section started, I went to next level of impressed and was in awe of the games looks and the interesting gameplay.

All this good stuff.. and I haven’t even mentioned Robot Dinosaurs yet!


I mean what a twist on Man VS Machine. Man creating a technological version of this planets original inhabitants to wipe itself out. But the plot is very much under wraps at the moment.

Gameplay wise there are stealth moves and take downs mixed with fast action and the boss style battles, with huge robot dinos that really did catch the eye. A vast world was also on show along with some interesting variations on enemy types too. With Mark Norris, Senior Producer confirming it was a world you can explore with no loading in most cases, and that the game was a rich RPG experience I’m pretty much sold on this one already.

While Guerrilla Games have some improvements to make in designing Enemy AI following to make this really work, in comparison to a weak showing with Killzone Shadow Fall.

Regardless of a few minor concerns, this was easily my favourite new game at E3 this year and one of the best demos overall.

Neal’s – Thoughts

So, robot dinosaurs, exploding bows… sold!

I want Horizon Zero Dawn, if only to see some form of weapon forging from the remnants of the dinos! Imagine a gun with the head of a t-rex-bot!

That’d be pretty damn awesome, but here’s a question, if the world she lives in is filled with massive robots, what does she eat? I guess the answer will be fruit and vegetables, and fish, because robot fish would be silly right?


Perhaps the way forward for this game would be the introduction of some kind of exoskeleton suit, that’d be pretty cool! And if the world is open, will there be dinos to ride?

I’ve got a lot of questions, and many of them lead me to be more and more curious about the one franchise other than infamous that has my attention, and might attract me as a gamer to aquire a ps4.

My initial reaction to the video, much the same as Rossco, was that I was waiting for the ‘pre-rendered video’ to end, but in turns out that what we see is in engine, but my concern as always is the case with modern gaming is this.

What is the price of the game to content ratio? How much DLC would there be? Is it premium? Can I have a jet pack?

My other concern lends me to the question that surrounds many and more new IP’s – how much support will it get, recently I have had my faith in IP’s renewed with the rumour that Ubisoft may be reinvigorating ZombiU via a port to PS4/XB1, so perhaps there is a core market for new, innovative and brilliant games.


The success of Sunset Overdrive for example should show, along with the continued growth in the indie market, that gamers want new, and conceptually Horizon Zero Dawn looks and certainly sounds new enough to me.

Unfortunately I haven’t splashed out on a PS4 personally, but will watch the reactions to this one intently, if anything can give me a reason to start seriously considering a PS4, this may be it.

In the mean time I may get my robot dinosaurs from the dinobots of cybertron fame.

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