We have had some serious fun with Guns, Gore and Cannoli and it scored very well in our Official Review. The game is a fantastic example of why Indie Games are so great. The concept is outstanding so we reached out to the developers for an interview about the development of the game.

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First of all, being an indie studio with a small team there how good does it feel to get this game out there AND see all the positive comments about it?

Well, it’s really great to see that so much people really love it. After all, it has been a huge amount of work and a great learning process for the entire team. We encountered lots of unexpected issues and unexpected expenses. But in the end we managed to finish the game just the way we had it in mind initially. So it feels as a great accomplishment that is being appreciated by the fans. So thank you fans!

We loved the game particularly the artwork and comic book style, where did this influence come from and how did you guys develop it into the game?


My brother Matthias and me have been drawing cartoons since kinderkarten. We read lots of Belgian and french comics. So it is needless to say that this influenced are graphical style on a huge basis. When we finished college in 2004 we made a short animated film called Hell Bent For Whiskey about these two gangsters, Vinnie and Paulie, that were trying to make a living by selling illegal alcohol during prohibition in the 1920’s. The zombies were a result of something that went wrong during the moonshining process.

The film won a nice award and several nominations. Everybody seemed to like the concept. So a few years later it became very realisable for a small team to make games, so called indie-games. That’s when we got the idea of transferring the concept of the movie into Guns, Gore & Cannoli!

Part of this artwork was a really diverse and interesting array of enemies, how much work went into creating them all?

Actually most enemies were just invented while creating the story. There was going to be of course a lot of classics, like the slow and fast zombies. We thought of a few variations so we would have at least one new enemie in each level. After playing the prototype and adding gangters in the levels we felt that the combat against the zombies was the least fun in comparison to the combat against the gangsters and the soldiers. There had to be more to it than just zomies. So we tried to think of all kind of enemies to bring more variation in the gameplay. The balloon zombie and the rugby zombie were the hardest to think of. The thing is, we made sure that almost every enemy created a new combat situation.

We just love Vinnie and his one liners, how did you guys put together such a good story, script and voice acting cast together being a smaller, indie studio?

Well, it is a bit of luck I guess. The story and characters were something that had been laying in the fridge for a few years. We had first thought of making another movie or a comicbook series about Vinnie and his adventures in the mafia. But a game was something that made everyting so much more interactive. So we altered the story to make it more fit for a game. After finishing the story, we wrote all the dialogues to make the story clear.


That really was intense and difficult task. The voice actor was the same guy that did the voices for Hell Bent For Whiskey. We wrote the dialogues but the credit for acting them out as a real wiseguy really goes to him. When I tell you that this man did ALL the voices of ALL the characters in the game, I can’t even believe it myself when I tell it but it is true. This man is really talented.

Our programmers, Paul and Steven our also really amazing. We all learned a lot from each other during the production so in a way we created a great and skillfull team just by passing on everything we know about our own expertise. In this way everyone knows a lot about the other guys discipline which helps a lot when you work together.

While the game is great I have to ask, how much alcohol was involved in coming up with the idea of a 1920’s Mob game with Zombies??

Haha. Coming up with this concept is actually a funny story. My brother seriously wanted to do something with mobsters and prohibition. I loved all the old zombiemovies and games we saw in the 90’s. So we decided to mix it up. It made sence because during a zombieapocalypse, who would have the most chance of survival. Regular people? They don’t have that much guns. The police or the army? They don’t just shoot anyone without remorse. Mobsters are though merciless killers with guns. So if you want to be anyone during a zombieapocalyps, be a mobster.

How much is Guns Gore and Cannoli going to help you guys be bigger and better in your next project?

We learned increadibly much during this process. You must know that this is our first real game we made so we kind of had to learn everything from scratch. How to animate the characters in Unity3D, how to design a level based on gameplay instead of artwork. The first levels are built in a totally different way than the last levels, which are build in a very much more efficient way.
That goes for a lot of things in the game. So the next project would go much smoother from the beginnen giving us much more room for experimenting with prototypes and creating much more content.

Finally, the MGL Fun Question! If you could be ANY video game character… who would you be and why?

Well it may be cheezy but would just want to be Vinnie Cannoli. We created a guy that we just love to hate. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks, has very flexible morals, goes for the goal and never looks back. And in the end he gets away with it with no concequenses what so ever. On the contrary, he’s rewarded for the effort. So… Who would not want to be that guy Glimlach

Many thanks to Crazy Monkey Studios for their time, don’t forget to share this interview and enter to win a copy of the game.

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