There’s even more from EGX Rezzed today gamers and more Indie Games as ever to go with the other 5 video interviews of awesome Indie Games including, Guild Wars 2: Heart of ThornsSublevel Zero, Monstrum and Her Story & Taphobos already on My Games Lounge right now.

This time we are looking at Dex a twist on two genres set in a Cyberpunk world. One part of the game plays like a side scrolling adventure with classic 2 combat and platforming while the other is a rich RPG with optional dialogue and consequences to your decisions and it’s a game we played for a while at Rezzed plus we’ve been hands on with the Beta over the weekend too so expect some impressions soon! All we can say for now is the game makes a great first impression and has a lot going for it.

Enjoy the interview and don’t miss more on MGL and some additional Dex information below…

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Dex Information

About This Game

Explore the futuristic city of Harbor Prime and meet its many inhabitants, answer the challenges the city has to offer, roam the neon-lit streets, and augment your character with skills and implants.

Designed as a tribute to the classic RPGs from the ‘90s, updated for a modern audience, Dex invites you to become part of a living, breathing cyberpunk universe as you decide which ultimate path you will embrace.


The current Early Alpha (as of December 2014) offers:

  • Over ten hand-crafted locations to explore within an open-world futuristic city
  • Several NPCs, traders, and quests givers
  • A couple of side-quests
  • Seven enemy types
  • Raw version of the combat system (brawler-style, arcade melee combat)
  • Raw version of the stealth system (field of view, backstabs)
  • A handful of hours to complete all the content present in Early Alpha
  • Limited character development options (several skills are implemented and around ten implants are available for augmenting your character)
  • Limited inventory item set (to be expanded in development)
  • High chance for your feedback, suggestions, and ideas to actually influence the final game

Aspects missing at the moment:

  • Cyberspace and hacking functionality (A big update with this feature set will be released in early 2015.)
  • Main storyline (The version you can play right now is “open world/exploration”-style with no beginning and no end – only characters to talk to or trade with, enemies to deal with, side missions and puzzles to solve, and opportunities to explore.)
  • No tutorial (You can access the Help screen for controls under F1. There is no tutorial yet, so as of this moment, the game is recommended for more experienced players. We intend to integrate a tutorial during the final phase of development.)
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