Hello once again ladies and gentlemen. I’m David Game, and we’ll be covering the final live-stream for Destiny’s upcoming expansion: “The Taken King”.

If you’ve missed the details, you can find my coverage of the other two streams right here: Live Stream 1. Live Stream 2 and all our Destiny coverage can be found on our Hub Page HERE.

Today we’re joined by Deej once again, and the Fireteam taking us through the Dreadnaught today consists of special Community guest of the week Laced Up Lauren, as well as Urk and Ben Wommack of Bungie.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-29-00

Ben guides us through the tour of the Dreadnaught, and this one seems more of a “show-don’t-tell” kind of scenario. As much as I appreciate your reading, this one will be pretty short and I’d highly advise you check out the stream itself. Except you can’t quite yet. There are some YouTubers that have helpfully covered and uploaded the stream for others, but nothing officially from Bungie at the time of this article being written, so for now, check out DotPTV’s captured stream.

Essentially, we’re seeing the “Patrol” of Oryx’s Dreadnaught – the new area for The Taken King – and we get to see first-hand the way things will play out. Laced Up Lauren shows off an Exotic Sword weapon, when we’d only seen glimpses and caught a look at a legendary back in the first stream. It seems pretty impressive.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-30-01

After exploring the area a bit, we see how the Ghost shell perks work by pointing out collectibles on the map as Laced Up Lauren picks up a “Wormspore”, which is a new item I imagine used for upgrading equipment in the same way Spirit Bloom and the others do at the moment.

After a little more exploration, the team reaches the Court of Oryx arena. Ben then explains, whilst you can only have 3 people in your Fireteam at one time, up to 9 people can participate in this new type of Public Event at once. In order to activate the public event, a player must “present a rune” to a thrall-like statue just outside of the arena. Then Tier 1 begins.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-30-48

Ben states that you’ll be “just about ready for this level” after completing the campaign. The gang are then tasked with the mission “Kill Vorlog”. Curiously, there’s a three-minute timer, and it’s said that these are not bullet sponges. There are specific mechanics that are key to defeating these bosses. Vorlog is a Hive Knight with the same gameplay mechanic as Valus Trau’ug from Prison of Elders in that his shield type switches elemental properties after each takedown. The idea being to damage him as much as possible between shield regeneration and to apply the appropriate damage type when the shield returns. The Sword came in to play, dealing a massive amount of damage, meaning either that Vorlog is pretty weak, or the sword is ridiculously powerful, as it should be – given that it’s taking its place in the Heavy Weapon slot.

What struck me as odd was the rewards structure. It turns out, only the person that presents the rune to initiate the event seems to get rewarded with a chest to open at the end. Now, granted, you’re in a Fireteam, most likely with friends or a clan, so you’ll most likely run this repeatedly (I know, right? Repetition in Destiny? Not a chance!) but it seems somewhat counter-productive to the idea of “teamwork”, given that it’s billed as a public event. I’ll have to get my hands on it to know for sure, but right now, I’m a little skeptical of that approach.

To prevent people from hogging the rewards, once you’ve presented a rune, you’ll be hit with the Summoner’s Exhaustion debuff, preventing you from doing so for a short time, allowing others to put their rune in and get their rewards. It’s a wise choice to apply the debuff, but I can’t help think if they’d just allowed everybody to be rewarded, they wouldn’t need it.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-31-33

The team then initiated another Tier 1 event, in order to show that, even though you may have to run Tier 1 a fair few times to level up the runes and access the harder content for greater rewards, you won’t be running in to the same encounters too often. This time, Lauren places her rune, approaches the portal and three witches emerge. Again, 3 minutes is the time limit, and this time, the witches essentially need to be defeated at roughly the same time, or they’ll respawn their fallen allies. This isn’t a new mechanic to MMO players, but it’s new to Destiny, and it’s nice to see them embracing those types of mechanics that make fights more interesting. This fight shows the need for communication between teams, as killing the one isn’t going to get you anywhere, you need to work together at all times to finish this encounter.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-32-33

After defeating the witches, we take a look at Lauren’s inventory. She has a “Stolen Rune” in there, which has a progress meter stating the need to defeat 3 bosses in the Court of Oryx. This now explains why you’d help out other people despite only the rune placer receiving the rewards, because powering up your Stolen Rune is how you’ll access the higher tiers. They play one more Tier 1 match, another new boss encounter featuring a Hive Knight and a Taken Knight, in which the mechanic is to lead the sword wielding Hive Knight towards the cannon-blasting Taken Knight. They have impenetrable shields, until they’re near to each other, at which point, their shields deactivate and you can damage them. Keep them close, knock them down. Another interesting new feature. Once one of them dies, the other loses its shield and you can finish it off for an easy finish.

They say the next Tier, Tier 2, is “just below Nightfall difficulty”, and with the Stolen Rune powered up, we can see just what that’s like.

Tier 2 takes the bosses of the first tier and makes you fight two of them at the same time. That’s insane, and sounds like a great deal of fun for people that love a challenge. They’re faced with the knights from the last round and an Ogre that can only be damaged after an exploding thrall collides with it to penetrate his shield. The team takes a heavy hit, but that sword of Lauren’s is pretty serious. I should mention, they state that the swords are part of quest-lines, so there’ll be no lucky drop for them. You’ll have to work for it.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-33-07

When Lauren died, an Event cancellation timer appeared on-screen. This is to ensure those that place the rune can’t just disappear whilst others do the work. If you’re not in the fight, your event will be nullified.

Ben states that the old bosses are also more powerful than they were in Tier 1, so not only are they multiplied, but they also hit harder and are more difficult to kill. They finish the bosses off, and the Tier 2 rewards seem more interesting than Tier 1, though I’ve no idea what they do until I get my hands on it.

Tier 3 is the highest tier in the Court of Oryx. Then they re-do a Tier 2 event. It seems Lauren couldn’t initiate it this time around, even though she didn’t have a cooldown on. It hasn’t been clarified whether or not your Stolen Rune is used up somehow, and perhaps you have to acquire another before you can get Court of Oryx rewards again, but if that’s the case, how do we power up runes to Tier 3? So many questions, but we’ll have answers soon I imagine.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-34-45

A new Taken Cabal boss appears for the Tier 2 second run alongside our first friend, Vorlog, and Lauren takes a leap of faith off the edge. It doesn’t end well, but  she’s right back in the fray with the awesome Stormtrance Super of the Warlock. A Hive drop-ship comes down and ambushes the team, and with literally 1 second left on the event, they manage to take the guys down.

As they’re about to try Tier 3, Deej steps in and says there will be NO TIER 3! NO TIER 3 FOR YOU. Ok, not literally, but he states that they want people to discover Tier 3 on their own, but there IS more to reveal before this stream comes to a close.

Deej presents a Destiny PS4 giveaway for the live Twitch stream audience, and gives one to Lauren to give away to her audience. He then states that those of the community that have helped out greatly with this marketing push will also have these prizes to give away to their audiences, including: Mr Fruit, King Gothalion, Professor Broman and TripleWreck.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-36-14

We are then, as a final treat, given a brand story trailer, and I have to say how excited I am that they seem to have crafted something incredible in this expansion. Maybe it’s a kind of Stockholm syndrome of having never known great narrative in Destiny before, but honestly, this experience seems to do everything I’ve wanted it to since the beginning. What should have come at launch now appears to be on the horizon, but time will tell if that turns out to be true.

Luke Smith then gives a heartfelt message to the audience, hot off the news that the raid will not be launching with the game day-and-date, and addresses that. The raid will launch 18th September, just three days after The Taken King.

The Taken King Livestream 3 Screenshot 2015-09-03 04-37-32

As you can see, this didn’t turn out to be a shorter bit of coverage, but hey, it’s the final stream. I’m sufficiently hyped for this expansion and I’ve been around since the Beta, so here’s hoping I’ll see you out there Guardians! Thank you for joining me.


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