It’s getting close the E3 gamers and we’ve made a start on our predictions starting with Sony, Which You Can Read here. Just like the previous edition just mentioned, this detailed list is what myself and a few other gamers here on MGL think may be shown by Phil Spencer and the crew at their conference on June 13. This Microsoft E3 2016 predictions article will involve some truth but then, we also have some speculation and hopes too.

The article is all below, no clicking required. Just scroll down for a read and enjoy a few videos and screens along the way. The list is ordered by impact, so what we think will give the Xbox E3 conference the biggest impact is number 1. Referred to as the “Mic Drop Moment!”

Lots of E3 build up and coverage coming up too with the other conferences given predictions too. Check the latest E3 2016 updates here.

10. Xbox One Scorpio & Slim Announcement

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions Slim ScorpioBefore I go into this, I will say that the Xbox List has been a bit tougher than Sony’s was yesterday, thanks to them being very secretive about everything. But we do have an indication there is an upgraded version of the Xbox One potentially releasing.

Is this Scorpio and the ‘Slim’ the same thing? Who knows, but if you have an Xbox One under your TV like I do (with the PS4 right on top of it, all best of friends just like the gaming community…), you’ll be fully aware of its big, monsterous size that seems totally unnecessary given the monster power transformer is on the floor too.

But the rumours are continuing that we are going to see an upgrade. Whatever you think of this mentality (and I am not behind it personally, as I mentioned about the Neo) there is a case that the Xbox One has needed the upgrade the most. Even exclusives, like the really entertaining Quantum break can’t reach full 1080p on the console. Granted some can and many games look great, but it’s clearly behind the PS4 original for power and graphical performance.

Extra power could also be required to get the VR compatibility going with Oculus Rift and Vive support possible, not to mention HoloLens too. If this is to come out, yes it will be great for the future of the Xbox but, as an owner I need something to incentivise my buying what is essentially the same thing again.

9. Crackdown Release & Gameplay

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions Crackdown 3Oh the days I loved to spend crashing around Pacific City back on my Xbox 360 as I just had a blast with this amazing sandbox game. I say that pretending the second game never happened, much like Dragon Age 2… I think it was all just a bad dream.

But Crackdown for Xbox One has been teased and I must see more on how this works exactly, the destruction is looking like it’s on a whole new scale.

There is some competition however, standards have been set by Sunset Overdrive which is one of the best exclusive games of this generation. While not exactly the same, this sandbox experience needs to hit those same heights at E3 this year. But with it coming into the Cloud Gaming bracket of Microsoft’s plan, there really is something particularly interesting about this one and more details would be welcomed.

8. More on Scalebound

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions ScaleboundI get to battle with my own bad-ass dragon? And we do cool moves together in an action RPG style game made by Platinum Games? Oh, and my friends can join me with their dragons online for some action?

Stop it, I’m done! Get me this game NOW Phil Spencer.

This was my reaction to seeing this game fully revealed last year. I was highly disappointed to see Scalebound pushed back to 2017 but I still want to see some more at this year’s E3. Everything about it just works for me, maybe my unhealthy love of anything with dragons has something to do with it but I just can’t help but get excited about this one.

We need more on it though, and at least a release window along with some new gameplay would really be cool. I’d personally like to see more of how the customisation works because, after seeing the different players appear in the last trailer, I want to know just how much i can create my player and dragon how I want them. And of course the type of missions I can take them on, both in solo play and in Multiplayer.

7. Sea of Thieves and More New IPs

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions sea of thievesWe’ve been waiting for more on Rare’s new project and after a nice introduction to the game last year. The game looked impressive but the facts so far have been thin on the ground. If you have been eagerly awaiting a Rare game on Xbox One like me then you’ll know what I mean.

So a nice bit of live gameplay not pre-recorded CGI, something Microsoft need to focus on this year overall, and give us some update on a release schedule that was supposedly for this year.

But what else is in store? This is not enough for new things. But see, there isn’t much we don’t know about leaking at the moment. More of the same is on the cards with Forza of course but what new games are we going to see?

The big gamble with Rise of the Tomb Raider worked somewhat in the sense the game was outstanding, but the sales were poor. Considering people could just wait then it’s not the best deal while you are so far behind in the market. Microsoft need another big, new IP that really gets people talking like ReCore did (later for more on that one).

6. Battlefield 1 Exclusive Deal Details

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions Battlefield 1Unlike Back to the Call of Duty: Future Warfare Part 3 series, the Battlefield games are going back a step and focusing on The Great War. No Exo Suits, no getting into giant mech’s or special abilities constantly needing recharging. Just classic FPS gameplay in a true war setting in Battlefield 1.

Something us old school gamers may well be looking forward to the most.

It’s great then that EA and Xbox One are going together on this one for some kind of deal. With CoD being aligned to their rival, it’s the best step to get on board with Battlefield and they may well have the more popular of the two games reading gamer response so far.

There is the DICE issue here though. While I’m not of the opinion they make bad games, they do make very EA style games that are all about the extras and seasons pass like fun-but-shallow Star Wars Battlefront. Let’s hope we get the game shown off and come away from E3 impressed.

5. Windows 10 Integration & Cloud Gaming

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions Win 10Why is this at number 5? Well, it’s kind of where it all feels right now… just teetering in the middle and can’t quite decide whether it’s going to be amazing or just another thing that the console can do that only a few people care about.

Windows 10 is cool and mixing it with my Xbox One is a nice idea, but I’m really not sure about it all yet. One thing that I would enjoy however, as someone who doesn’t have a gaming setup with my PC, is the ability to stream to my PC Games to my Xbox One. Surely other gamers would enjoy the same too.

There is more to this too, the Cloud is the main powerhouse here where you run the majority of the game in the cloud and just use the console as a kind-of-hub for your session. The previously mentioned Crackdown is one of the first titles to use its power to fuel the destruction element so that demo will be a small test, but we all need to see more capabilities of this technology before we get behind it for me.

4. Xbox VR Support & HoloLens

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions HoloLens

Xbox have been vocal about NOT going with the VR crowd. But that being said, the most impressive tech revealed so far for me is the Microsoft HoloLens that goes with an augmented reality idea, rather than a full VR immersive experience.

I am not the man to sell headset style VR to anyone with my awful motion sickness issues so this really works for me, with the Minecraft demo very impressive last year.

More of this would really get me excited for something a bit special. But how it will work is also not set in stone since Microsoft could go with a heavy focus on 3rd party VR support, allowing gamers to play Oculus and HTC Vive hardware on the Xbox one. Combined with Windows 10 support this could all work nicely together for a big E3 moment.

3. Gears of War 4 Action

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions Gears 4Back to games and back to the battle between Locust and what’s left of humanity in Gears of War 4, a game I simply cannot wait for. The gameplay demo last year was one cool surprise since Xbox traditionally go for structured trailers to show off a game.

This was a great change to the norm and one they should do more often.

Gears is an awesome series and one you should give a chance to if you are not previously an Xbox gamer. The first three managed to get a wonderful mixture of 3rd person shooting action with great characters, story and even emotional moments that are very difficult to get right in a game.

GOW4 is going to be the talk of Microsoft’s conference and will really be the big title of the year for them, let’s hope the presentation does the game justice.

2. ReCore

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions RecoreArguably the most interesting game to be revealed by Microsoft in a long time, ReCore really did look like something very special when it was revealed last year. It also stands out as a very untraditional game for the Xbox which can only be a good thing.

After seeing this it was a clear indication Microsoft are ready to do things a bit differently going forward. I for one was pleased to see this kind of title a headline game for Xbox this year and it really does look stunning.

Once again there has been a big reveal and nothing much in the past year. You will be on one side or the other with this, me, I like it when they keep quiet. Too many games are constantly teased and trickled out to the point there is no surprise as it is about to launch. The only worry with being quiet is if it means a delay.

But I think this is one of the Xbox One’s big games of the year and with Keiji Inafune (Mega-Man, Resident Evil), and his team behind it, plus the guys at Armature this is highly likely to deliver something special.

It promises an action-adventure experience with robot companions, lots of exploration and strategic combat plus a rich story and dungeons! How can this not be awesome?

1. Mic Drop Moment: Halo and More Halo

Microsoft E3 2016 Predictions HaloPeople may thing that Xbox is ONLY about Halo, and it’s very clear from above with ReCore and other upcoming new IPs mentioned already that this is not the case. But people do love Halo, I am actually catching up to the series in recent months having missed it completely during my fall out with first person games.

Yes, I am a bit strange to fall out with a game! But to be clear, it was a combination of a bad TV setup and my softness with motion sickness.

Anyway, I am friends with them again now in the 60fps world we now live in and Halo 5 Guardians was a fantastic shooter. It wasn’t perfect but it was a very good game both single player and multiplayer. Without spoiling anything, the story of the campaign mode ends very much on a cliff-hanger and you are certainly setup for a sequel. With the hard work done in creating the next gen engine for the game I can see the potential for Halo 6 releasing in 2017.

It may also be a cycle of annual Halo titles too since we do expect to see Halo Wars 2 at E3 and it’s supposedly coming with a demo too according to reports. The video, below, was the big reveal of the game but ultimately showed off no gameplay so it will be an interesting demonstration.

But what will be more interesting is if Halo as a franchise adds to its recent history of a game every year on Xbox One.

That’s another long list done gamers; don’t forget to comment below using social media accounts to leave your thoughts and your lists. Plus, you can hang around on MGL and look at the 10 Sony E3 2016 Predications while you are here. More to come with Bethesda, EA Games, Ubisoft and Square Enix Prediction articles to come.

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