This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the content has been altered however. The upcoming open world Zombie game dying light will no longer be in development for Xbox 360 or PS3.

The developers has announced that the reasoning behind this was that it would compromise the ‘core vision’ of the game.

“Much of this ‘next-gen feel’ is tightly connected to the technological side of Dying Light,” the studio said. “For instance, up to 200,000 objects can be displayed in the game at once.

“Add to this our use of realistic, physics-based lighting technology and you really start to push the next-gen systems to the limits.

“Features like these along with our core gameplay pillars – such as the player-empowering Natural Movement, threefold character development system, and vast open world – are all an inherent part of how Dying Light plays. However, combining all of these into one fluid experience is only possible on technologically advanced platforms.”


DAMN! Up to 200,000 objects is pretty impressive.

Dying Light comes from developers Techland who recently brought us the impressive Dead Island. Dying Light seems to be the spiritual successor of the series and from what I have seen looks amazing.

Dying Light will now be out in January in Asia and Europe on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you like Dead Island then this maybe the game for you.

Just like in Dead Island this is an open world Zombie horror game, adding in side-missions a lot like a RPG and levelling up your character. There will be four players to choose from each with their own unique set of stats, strengths and weaknesses. They will also be customizable but no details into how far you will be able to go with this. Dying Light will also include over 100 weapons!

Zombies will be out in numbers during the night time with players trying to keep in the light to remain safe. This game is defiantly an action horror game to look out for.

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