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Welcome SWERY! Firstly, we saw some very interesting gameplay from D4:Dark Dreams Don’t Die at E3. What has the gamer’s response been to your title?

We had a lot of people play the demo, and they all loved it. What sticks in my mind is how we got a positive reaction from the basic mechanics of the game. People said things like: “It’s changed my image of Kinect,” and “Oh, so THIS is how people should design games for Kinect.” I designed this game hoping it would overturn the belief that “story-driven games don’t go well with physical computing,” so after hearing that, I’m starting to feel like it was all worth it.

What impressed us initially is the visual style of the game, how much artwork and preparation has gone into making the title look so stylized?

First, in order to create a new art style, we knew that we would need mutual understanding not just with artists, but with game designers and programmers as well. We had them go through a ton of books, sample programs, illustrations, experimental films, normal films, and other art so that they could learn about unique art. After that, we appropriated the ‘edge,’ ‘abstraction,’ and ‘lighting’ that we would need for our own unique art, then artists, programmers, and myself spent three months coming up with our first image. Afterwards, we went through many more discoveries and frustrations and continued to adjust things as we developed the game.

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How exactly do you trigger his memories in the gameplay and are some of these additional to the main storyline?

When David Young touches things that have been left behind – Mementos – he can dive into the past. The game still hasn’t been released yet, so I can’t say any more than that. If you play D4 and like it, try asking me that question again.

A lot of things impressed during the E3 Demo but the Kinect functionality is amazing, can you play the entire game without the use of a normal control pad? How challenging has it been to design the game for this type of interactive play?

Thank you very much. I’m pretty sure D4 is the “world’s first” action-adventure game that can be played entirely, from start to finish, without using a controller. Maybe I should contact Guinness. (LOL)

Of course, it was really hard to design a completely new game like D4. A lot of ideas that sound good on paper don’t really work right went you actually put them into practice. When someone makes something new, a lot of people will express their opinions on it by saying things like: “Shouldn’t it be like this?” or “Wouldn’t it be better like this?” or “No, this is the way to go.”

This is only natural, of course. After all, when you’re creating new ideas, there isn’t one “right” answer. But “groups of opinions” are extremely dangerous things. No one will know who’s right unless you actually try something. The same goes for one’s own opinions. The E3 demo is what we managed to create after overcoming all of that. So as of now, I’m confident that it’s fun.

Are there actions and functionality using the Xbox One that you simply could not have done on the Xbox 360?

Graphics, of course. We also couldn’t have created a game that you can sit back on your couch and play without a controller. We designed D4 specifically to run on next-generation CPUs, GPUs, memory, and networks, so I think just about every aspect of it would have been difficult to do on the 360.

There were also some rather unusual characters, are gamers in for some funny moments during this game?

Of course. That’s what everyone is looking forward to, right?


Fun Questions

Everyone is making re-makes or re-mastering games at the moment, what game would you love to see make a re-mastered comeback? Why?

Kowloon’s Gate, Chrono Trigger, Populus, or The Portopia Serial Murder Case, because I want the kids of this generation to experience these games.

After playing WatchDogs we are all about hacking, if you could hack anyone in the world who would it be?

The Dalai Lama, or Paris Hilton.

If you could be any Video Game Character and live in their world, who would you be?

Hmm. This is a tough question. If I was Link from Zelda, I could find money on the ground, but my wallet would be too small to carry it all. If I was Mario, I’d only be able to eat mushrooms… If I was a character in Skyrim, I’d be afraid of dragons, and I have a feeling I’d be really sweaty and stinky. In the Minecraft world, I wouldn’t have to worry about food, but I doubt I’d ever be able to fall in love with a girl from that world… I don’t like wars, and I think adventures would tire me out. And the worlds of puzzle games would just be too busy for me. To me, games are precious things that help to complete the reality that we live in, so perhaps they aren’t separate worlds to be entered on their own.

Thank you very much for this interview. We’re nearing the end of our development, and waiting excitedly for the day when we can present D4, a completely new game experience, to the world. Please wait just a little bit longer.

That’s it! I love you all!!


All we can say at MGL is a huge thank you to SWERY for his time to answer our questions and we hope to hear more about this game from them as we get closer to release. We hope you enjoyed reading it and should you want to see more of our interviews including a fantastic look at Oddworld: New ‘N Tasty and the upcoming Woolfe: Red Hood Diaries plus loads more so check out all our features!

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