It’s been one hell of a start to the year for us gamers whether you love PlayStation, XboxNintendo or have beastly PC Setup. We’ve already seen a number of games you could consider Game of The Year contenders in the first quarter of 2017. And we already know BIG games are coming up. So with that in mind i’ve made this article that features the best video games of 2017 so far, and will continue to grow as the year carries on. This covers the first quarter and will update once we have passed Q2 in July and so-on, until the end of the year.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to forget things one day to the next… Never mind trying to do all this at the end of the year!

Here you get an overview of the first quarter of the year in gaming. And 6 of the best games we at MGL think are must-play titles. Some fun is going on with those on our very likable Facebook Page if you want to get involved this week, simply like and follow the page. There are some honourable mentions at the end too and a second article later this week exclusively for The Best Indie Games to 2017 so far.

As ever the list will be controversial to some so do have your say as well. Let us know which games do YOU think are the best of 2017 so far by using Disqus or Facebook Comments down the page.

The Leaders and Newcomers Time To Shine

We cover everything here in MGL in the console world and most of us, like me, own all of them. And it was a great time to add a new one to our collection as our Nintendo Switch consoles arrived.

And what a very solid launch it was, we all have a lot of positives about this console. Yes, it’s not perfect but Nintendo appear to be on the right track with this one and it came out with one of the best games out there right now. I’m trying to avoid spoilers in this area for below, but (in the words of Y2J) Zelda, you just made the list!

Best Video Games of 2017 Image 1The market leaders in the PlayStation 4 also stepped up their exclusive line-up with 4 major exclusive games (either entirely exclusive or console exclusive). More are on the way from 1st and 2nd party studios too, and it’s all looking bright for the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

While being purposely quiet as Microsoft get ready for their big Scorpio reveal at E3, Halo Wars 2 made it out as a console exclusive. They are very focused on the latter half of the year of course, but still managed a real quality game. However, their rivals are having a better time of 2017 so far. I’m not sure they didn’t expect this however, their focus right now is getting Scorpio right.

PC gamers are happily getting games from both sides as NieR Automata and Halo Wars 2 is available along with the massive options anyway. All in all it’s been an epic start to the year, with a big portion of games hitting in “Mad March”.

Sleep was at a premium last month and I expect coffee sales are through the roof as well! We got through it though guys and it’s a good year to be a gamer already. More titles are coming but this is a fantastic start in what could be one of the best gaming years, to date.

But which 6 made the MGL list from Q1? Let’s have a look in release order.

1. Resident Evil VII – PS4, Xbox One and PC

Best Video Games of 2017 Image 2We are starting the list with some serious fear factor and a classic IP too. But this year Resident Evil returned to its routes, and even twisted them a little to bring an entirely new experience. One that really brave gamers could also experience in VR.

Not me though, I’m fine never visiting that house. Maybe if I can go to that Sonic the Hedgehog sounds version I might play it!

But our man Neal really enjoyed the game and give it A Very Positive Review(Read here) as the game went first person, dark and deadly. While a certain amount of bravery is needed, most gamers should be taking some time to experience this and what a start to the year as this came out late January.

2. NioH – PS4 Exclusive

Best Video Games of 2017 image 3At number 2 is a game that had a few question marks over it before it arrived. The Team Ninja A-RPG was looking very much like a Souls game and many were thinking it was a simple clone type title. But once it was here there were many people saying how this was far more that that, and how it took inspiration but almost made it better in some ways.

As a PS4 exclusive it turned out to be a real win for PS4 owners and a game that should be played by anyone who can.

3. Halo Wars 2 – Xbox One Console Exclusive, PC

Best Video Games of 2017 Image 4Coming in at 3 is the only Xbox One exclusive but that’s pretty decent as the only real big exclusive this quarter. We see the sequel to the RTS game Halo fans really enjoyed and were excited to see come along.

We certainly enjoyed it as we gave this one a High Scoring Review and while it might be more PC gamer to get RTS on your PC. This one proved that it’s just as good as the console.

With a lot more to come from Xbox this year, this was a very good start.

Horizon Zero Dawn – PS4 Exclusive

Best Video Games of 2017 image 5Onto PlayStations turn to launch a first party exclusive and what a hotly anticipated game this was. Thankfully it hit the heights it promised and came in with some really top level reviews. Ours is Pretty glowing too as we saw a new character add to the PlayStation icons in Aloy.

Her story and that gorgeous world had us hooked for weeks and we simply can’t stop going back for more.

It was just good to see a game realise the expectations put on it to be totally honest. So many have almost made it, only to just miss being truly great for one reason or another. This is wonderful and a must play game. Worth getting a PS4 for? I think so.

5. Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild – Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Best Video Games of 2017 image 6Speaking about must play games, here we have an absolute classic that is already being put into lists with the greatest games of all time. So we had no choice but to include this one now did we!

What Zelda: Breath of the Wild has done is prove how good a game can actually be without the need for the best technology. With the game on the new Nintendo Switch it was proof that the console was going to be one to consider buying, if only for games of this quality.

If ever there was a game worth getting a console for, this is it as Natalie Confirms in Her Review Here.

NieR Automata – PS4 Console Exclusive, PC

Best Video Games of 2017 Image 7Last on our list is the incredible and rather unusual game that really has become a cult hit. It deserves more than that following however since it’s downright incredible and really does have some wonderful ideas. And people are picking up on that as the sales hit over a million as this publishes.

If you know someone who’s played it, chances are they have told you to get it and can’t understand why you haven’t!

It’s ability to mix up styles, perspectives and its combat is incredible. Not to mention the amazing story David Thoroughly Loved in his review. It’s a great game and one we put on this list hoping to be the article that convinces you to try this one.

And a few more we really liked…

I make no secret of my love of Mass Effect here on MGL and I was really looking forward to Andromeda. While it’s a little unpolished and suffers from a poor start, I will highlight this one as a game to consider getting if you like A-RPG titles. Patches will improve the game so chances are it’ll be a lot better by the end of April. Read our Review here.

PS4 exclusive Yakuza Zero kept Natalie busy and came out very well in here review. Plus we got a new Tales game that really improved the series in Tales of Berseria and we also really enjoyed our time with the two big Ubisoft games For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

While we liked them, they just weren’t quite to the standards of the others for us in the team here.

That’s it for the first quarter of 2017, this article will update in early July with a look back at the second quarter of the year and the E3 Aftermath. Agree? Disagree? Want to pick your own best video games of 2017 so far? Use the comments below and let’s get talking or send us a Tweet or a Facebook comment. Until next time gamers,

Game on.

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