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Let's Play videos here on MGL take you through some of the latest and greatest games. We also play classics, indie games and more. We love to play amazing games and, similar to our written gameplay diaries, we want to share our gameplay with you. Here you will be able to see us play the games we are reviewing for MGL or even some that are in early access. These will be viewable live on our MGLMix Twitch stream or via our YouTube uploads.


Watch: Let’s Play Silence – A Beautiful Point-And-Click Adventure With A Hint of Telltale...

Yes gamers, I am bringing back more video content after the busy period of games releases. Everything has been rather crazy in both October and November for us gamers but it's settling down a little now. This is the first...

Croixleur Sigma Gameplay Dragon Fight

Sometimes it's worth poking through the digital stores without being prompted to do so. I've been so far removed from Steam as of late that I had no idea about this game until it...

Dirty Bomb Won’t Hold Your Hand, It'll Kick Your Teeth in!

Back in March I was invited to attend the official game launch of Dirty Bomb by Splash Damage, we got an exclusive look at the game before it was on Steam. As part of this exclusive...

Carmageddon Max Damage Mess About

Enjoy the Carmageddon Max Damage Mess About. For some baffling reason, I have to write something on a video post. So here you go. Brief Details Carmageddon is a car combat action game with real time destruction...

Coffin Dodgers Mess About Lets Play

In a return to the Mess About Let's Plays, Jordan and I take a group of elderly people on a race against death. Literally. I'll running more videos in the days to come so...

David Game PLAYS: Super Mario Maker Episode 4

In the fourth video from our Mario Maker Let's Plays, we unlock the Castle backdrop along with all of the lava-filled goodness that often comes with it. We create a quick gauntlet and check out...

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Fast Exp Tip

Long ago, in the deepest forums of GameFAQs, one individual reached out for help in the world of Valkyria Chronicles. Enter elite_marksman, armed with strategies that'd rival those of the greatest tacticians throughout history....

Let’s Play Destiny 2 – The Last City Falls (Warlock Gameplay) Episode 1

Thanks to the awesome people at Bungie and Activision, I have been playing some Destiny 2 ahead of the game's launch today. Here is my first Let's Play Destiny 2 video as I get myself out there as...

Far Cry Primal Lets Play Bonfire Assault

Today in our Far Cry Primal Lets Play, we engage in battle with the Izila Tribe at their local bonfire. One of many tourist resorts. David Game shows off the Owl gameplay and we ride...

Senran Kagura Estival Versus Rin Gameplay

I'm currently in the process of reviewing this intriguing little game. I figured I'd at least give our readers something to enjoy in the meantime, so here's our Senran Kagura Estival Versus Rin Gameplay...
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