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On MGL we release quality written articles but like to talk about gaming on our videos too. Here you can watch our original videos where we talk about the latest games and topics in gaming. See Let’s Play videos as we get to grips with new games. The MGLMix podcast with conversations between the gamers will also be here. Plus our MGLMix-up with updates from Respawn Rossco and David Game.


The PlayStation Experience Review Podcast Plus Overwatch GOTY With Game N Respawn

Game 'N Respawn have been talking about gaming once again and this week the pair are very happy gamers. The put together a PlayStation Experience review this time, looking back at the event and...

Final Fantasy XV Preview Podcast, Plus Dishonored 2 & More With Game N Respawn

Game 'N Respawn are once again bringing you their latest gaming ramblings. Today they are getting ready for some action in the latest Final Fantasy game to release. It's just over a week away...

Salt and Sanctuary Fast Experience Method

Before our review goes lives at 5pm GMT, David Game shares his Salt and Sanctuary Fast Experience Method. The Third Lamb is a pretty difficult boss in your first run through, so in the Dome...

Senran Kagura Estival Versus Rin Gameplay

I'm currently in the process of reviewing this intriguing little game. I figured I'd at least give our readers something to enjoy in the meantime, so here's our Senran Kagura Estival Versus Rin Gameplay...

A Few Things You Might Want to Know About Enter The Gungeon

In a new feature, I've compiled a short video on "A Few Things You Might Want to Know About". For our very first topic, it's Enter The Gungeon! Get a glimpse in to the...

WATCH: Let’s Play Deponia – A Comical Hand Drawn Point-And-Click Puzzle Solver

Welcome to the second Let's Play this Monday as we look at some indie, point and click style adventures. After the madness of October and November we are upping the video content on MGL again. So i'm back with Daedalic...

Shadwen Mess About Lets Play

Here's the Shadwen Mess About Lets Play with David Game and Jordan The Harvester. You can check out our Shadwen review in full here, but if you just want some impressions, the video should...

Foul Play Mess About Lets Play

In the latest of our new video series, we bring to you the Foul Play Mess About Lets Play! Featuring David Game and his younger brother; Jordan the Harvester, we take you through the first...

Fallout 4 Podcast: The Wasteland Discussed by Two Series Fans

Welcome to an MGL Mix Video here on My Games Lounge with an episode of our new podcast "Game 'N Respawn" featuring our MGL crew in David Game and me, Respawn Rossco. Here we have...
Star Wars Battlefront Artvideo

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Gets Extended & Far Cry Primal Looks Awesome – Gaming...

Welcome back to the MGL Mix gamers, this week has been outstanding for Star Wars fans who've had the chance to play the open Beta of Star Wars Battlefront. It was one of our favourite games...
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