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On MGL we release quality written articles but like to talk about gaming on our videos too. Here you can watch our original videos where we talk about the latest games and topics in gaming. See Let’s Play videos as we get to grips with new games. The MGLMix podcast with conversations between the gamers will also be here. Plus our MGLMix-up with updates from Respawn Rossco and David Game.


The Game Awards Podcast Plus PlayStation Experience Thoughts With Game N Respawn

Game 'N Respawn have been talking about gaming once again and this week they bring you The Game Awards Podcast with some discussion on The PlayStation Experience too, something we've Previewed on MGL here.  They discuss, at...

Shadwen Mess About Lets Play

Here's the Shadwen Mess About Lets Play with David Game and Jordan The Harvester. You can check out our Shadwen review in full here, but if you just want some impressions, the video should...

All Street Fighter V Critical Arts

Critical Arts are this Street Fighter's name for the character's ultimate attacks. Check out this montage I put together to see every character's Critical Art, including the variants available to Ryu and Necali. That's...

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered in 7 Minutes

Sometimes conferences can get a bit long. Even when it's presented by the Best Friends Greg Miller and Tim Gettys, there's some stuff I could do without. Or maybe you just don't have the...

#MGLMix – Watch_Dogs Special

This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the content has been altered however. Welcome  To My Games Lounge Feature Friday & enjoy...

The Division’s Potential, A Serious Hit or An Expensive Miss? | Game N Respawn...

The first MGL Podcast of 2016 arrives with an episode of Game and Respawn, and what a time for David Game and Respawn Rossco to get talking about gaming. In this episode they talk...

10 Incredible Indies At EGX 2015 – MGLMix Hands On Impressions

Welcome back to the MGLMix Gamers and this week we are back with a bang! We went to EGX Birmingham just over a week ago and saw some outstanding gaming while we were there and we...

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay At E3 Blew our minds!

We are all over the EA Games Press Conference at E3, you can check out the Live Stream, Videos and our Live Blog of the Big Announcements On The Page Here. Were covering everything E32015 Too, Head to Our...

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Fast Exp Tip

Long ago, in the deepest forums of GameFAQs, one individual reached out for help in the world of Valkyria Chronicles. Enter elite_marksman, armed with strategies that'd rival those of the greatest tacticians throughout history....

Foul Play Mess About Lets Play

In the latest of our new video series, we bring to you the Foul Play Mess About Lets Play! Featuring David Game and his younger brother; Jordan the Harvester, we take you through the first...


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