Trailers are great and we love them on MGL, which is why you’ll always see the latest cinematic and gameplay videos for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo and indie games. We’ll also bring you videos from the big events like E3 and Gamescom as they release all the big new titles heading our way. Video game developers love to show off their games and release new trailers regularly, hardly a day goes by without someone releasing something. On MGL we will aim to update the site with the coolest videos in gaming for you to enjoy.  


The Walking Dead Michonne Launch Trailer

Telltale games are back and have brought The Walking Dead Michonne Launch Trailer with them today, with this graphic adventure coming to PC and console February 23, with mobile formats to follow on the 25th. The...

Star Ocean V English Voice Over Debut Trailer

As big RPG and JRPG fans on MGL is great to see a new trailer for a classic Square Enix series. For the first time we see a Star Ocean V English voiced trailer coming...

Don’t let Yarny Unravel At Gamescom

Unravel by Coldwood Interactive looks like a game that many folks of all ages can enjoy and maybe even play together in the same room. It did used to happen, you can all take...

For Honor “Accolade” Trailer

An update from Ubisoft on the impressive For Honor that wowed at E3 can be found in the above trailer showing off he Accolades on the game following it début at E3. While the game is not so...

The Technomancer Life and Death on Mars Trailer

Spiders have launched some new footage of their upcoming RPG in The Technomancer Life and Death on Mars Trailer above. This action RPG is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in the summer. More...

Dark Souls III True Colours Of Darkness Trailer

If you are not sore enough from the work of From Software in Dark Souls II or Bloodborne if you're a PS4 owner, you are going to need to be prepared to die all...

Battle the Ultimate Darkspawn Horde in Dragon Age Inquisition Descent DLC

A new trailer has been revealed for some DLC hitting Dragon Age Inquisition, being Gamescom Week Bioware have shown off a new dungeon, full of Darkspawn to fight in the upcoming add on heading to...

Fallout 4 has a New Live Action Trailer – MGL

Following on from the Fallout 4 SPECIAL Videos we are treated to a nice new live action video from Bethesda. As you can see, Fallout 4 has a New Live Action Trailer and we're very excited...

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Revealed at Gamescom

We love a bit of From Software and especially when it's some of the first ever gameplay from Dark Souls 3. Check out the video above for the very first gameplay showing of this...

Tales of Zestiria First PS4 Gameplay

The guys at Bandai Namco have revealed the first look at some Tales of Zestiria on the PlayStation and fans of the series will be getting more than a little excited now. The latest Tales game...
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