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PS4 News will keep PlayStation gamers updated with the latest news, trailers and updates for your PlayStation 4. For all you PlayStation Gamers out there, we know what you want to read about. All the latest details on video games coming to your PlayStation 4 from Sony first party studios to 3rd party developers. We regularly update MGL with all the latest games that are available for PS4 along with new game announcements and big reveals from PlayStation and their partners. Here you will find both PS4 exclusive games or exclusive content, news from other games developers releasing games on PS4 and cool PSN games from indie developers.

Legend of Kay Anniversary Coming This Summer

Some 10 years after its initial release, Legend of Kay  is back with a new Anniversary edition that is a remastered version of the original game and set to be released for Wii U, Playstation 4,...

Telltale The Walking Dead A New Frontier Above The Law Release Confirmed – Episode...

After a wonderful start to the new series of Telltale The Walking Dead and then nothing for a while, I was starting to wonder if we'd ever see episode 3! But today we have confirmation from...

Telltale The Walking Dead Season 3 Launch Details & A New Frontier Gameplay Reveal

Just because we are in December now gamers, the action is still happening right before the Christmas festivities. Today we have seen the Telltale The Walking Dead Season 3 launch trailer and a bunch of...

Prototype 1 & 2 Re-Launches for Xbox One and PS4

Some great news for fans of the awesome Prototype games, Activision launched the Prototype Biohazard Bundle today, a collection containing the breakout third-person action-adventure games Prototype and Prototype 2. It is now available as a...

PlayStation E3 2015 Press Conference – Live

Now updated to live with stream, live blog, all the videos and reaction from the PlayStation Press event at E3!

Zangief Revealed for Street Fighter V

The Red Cyclone arrives! Everybody's favourite, hairy beast-man (not an actual beast, just a man) muscles his way on to the roster for Street Fighter V. That's right! Zangief Revealed for Street Fighter V. Zangief...

WWE 2k16 Launches In the UK and Europe With A New Trailer… WHAT?

WWE 2K16 has arrived in Europe! We are about to lay the smackdown on PS4, Xbox One and last gen consoles as the biggest roster of superstars in a game arrives today. 2K Games have released some...

Shadow Warrior 2 Soundtrack Has Got The Touch and The Power of Legend Stan...

Oh my talk about some monday motivation gamers. Get this on in your earphones and be excited to play the next Shadow Warrior game. Why you say? Because the Shadow Warrior 2 Soundtrack features...

Absolver Weapons, Powers and Pre Order Details Reveald Ahead of August 2017 release

This is an interesting title from a small Indie Studio, Sloclap who are making a new type of game. An Online Melee Action title and we now get some more information on the Absolver weapons, powers and...

Square Enix E3 2015 Press Conference – Live

UPDATE - Now Includes the Live Stream and Live Blog of the Square Enix Event with all the coverage from the show.
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