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Latest gaming news is a main area of MGL that covers the latest gaming updates, including trailers and news for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo and Indie Games.

For all you Gamers out there, we know what you want to read about. All the latest details on video games coming to your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo console along with updates for people who game on their PC.  Here we’ll cover the latest in gaming from first party, to 3rd party developers and all the indie games developers out there.

We regularly update MGL with all the latest games that are available along with new game announcements and big reveals from all the developers and publishers, big and small.


A Way Out Launch Information & Trailer for PS4, Xbox One & PC Released

Lots of you are excited for this one gamers, and we are too! Today we see the A Way Out launch information and trailer released as the game heads to the PS4, Xbox One and...
Bless Unleashed gameplay overview trailervideo

Bless Unleashed Gameplay Overview Trailer Revealed – Upcoming MMORPG for Xbox One

Today we have a new Bless Unleashed gameplay overview trailer as the title gets some attention at PAX East this week. Brought to you by Round 8 Studio, this is a free...

Jump Force Characters Launch Information & Trailers Ahead of Release

We are getting closer to release and now we have the Jump Force characters and launch details for you. Plus the trailers to check out ahead of release on the PS4, Xbox...

Rage 2 Confirmed By Bethesda (After 2 Leaks!) – PS4, Xbox One & PC

Things have not been exactly smooth for Bethesda with this one gamers. First there was a big leak from Walmart on many E3 games, including Rage 2. Today has seen another with the new...
Anthem launch trailer main imagevideo

Anthem Gameplay Trailer On Story, Progression and Customisation Revealed

The year is only just here but we are all getting ready for the big games of 2019 arriving. Today we have the new Anthem gameplay trailer that is part of a...

Yoshi’s Crafted World Release Date Revealed (Trailer) – Arrives in March

We finally have a Yoshi's Crafted World release date confirmed with a new trailer to go with it. This charming platform adventure title from Nintendo will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

(Updated) NieR Automata PSX 16 Update – March Release Date & Black Box Edition...

The PlayStation Experience showcase has done but PSX saw so many games everyone is still letting out details on their games. Here we have more following the NieR Automata PSX 16 footage shown as...
2019 video game releases

2019 Video Game Releases & Dates Guide – (Updated Feb 24, 2019)

2019 goes on with some great titles so far, even if a few aren't hitting the heights expected at launch. We've updated our easy game releases guide for you to find ALL...

(Updated) Nintendo Switch Features, Price and Launch Games Revealed

We had a late one here on MGL with the Nintendo Switch Presentation at 4am local time. If you were mad enough to be sleeping when this all happened enjoy all the key information...

Ghost Recon Wildlands Pre-Order Details & We Are the Ghosts Trailer

Things are hotting up gamers as E3 draws closer and here we have Ubisoft trying to get you to pre-order a game with no release date! How cheeky of them. But this is the...
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